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We have a proven track record of success.  But don't take our word for it; watch a few of our clients as they appeared on television below. Once you're done, take a look at our HOLLYWOOD SUCCESS STORIES!

Watch our client, Kingston Foster, in a Little Tikes commercial.

Watch our client, Greyson Foster, in a KFC Popcorn Nuggets commercial.

Watch our client, Cameron Bedford, in a NVHL commercial.

Watch our client, Greyson Foster, in a Hannaford Foods commercial.

Watch our client, Thao Tran, in an Absolute Dental commercial.  Thao is the girl with the pink balloon.

Watch our clients, Brandon Severs and Cody Veith, in a Providence Master Planned Community commercial.  You can also hear our client, Jordan Castro, doing the "Wow..." voice over.

Watch our client, Piper Sher, in a Providence commercial.

Watch our client, Brandon Severs, in a TracFone Commercial.

Watch our client, Greyson Foster, in a Jell-O Pudding commercial.

Watch Us On TV!  See our clients, Cody Veith and Brandon Severs, on Disney XD's, 'WALK THE PRANK.' Season 2, of the new Hidden-Camera Comedy Prank show, will start airing on April Fools' Day on Disney XD.

Watch our clients, Cody Veith and Brandon Severs, of Disney's "Walk the Prank," being interviewed on Channel 13's, THE MORNING BLEND.

Watch our clients, CODY VEITH and BRANDON SEVERS, of the Disney Hidden-Camera Comedy Prank show, 'WALK THE PRANK', in a brief Disney commercial.

Watch our clients, Series Regulars, Cody Veith ("Chance") and Brandon Severs ("Dusty"), in an episode of Disney's WALK THE PRANK.

See our client, Kayli Nenno, in a Skechers Kids print ad below.

We work with children, teens, and young adults.  Are you an actor, model or singer or the parent of an aspiring actor, model or singer who could use the expertise of industry professionals to help guide your way through what it takes to live your dreams or help your kids live their dreams now in the entertainment industry? 
Hollywood Access, Inc. is committed to helping actors, models and singers prepare for and access doors of opportunity in the entertainment industry. We provide ongoing training in the areas of acting, modeling and singing, market talent to top Hollywood and New York industry professionals like agents, casting directors, directors and managers, facilitate industry auditions and informative workshops and seminars led by top industry professionals, and submit talent for speaking roles on television and in films and movies, as well as for modeling and singing opportunities.
In addition to training, marketing, providing industry- based information workshops and seminars, and submitting talent for jobs in the industry, Hollywood Access, Inc. also personally manages a select group of individuals including actors, models and singers.

If you have desire, feel you have what it takes to be in movies, on television, in commercials, magazines, or catalogs or on the high fashion runways of Paris, Milan or New York, and could use the experienced guide of industry professionals to help navigate your path to success, Hollywood Access, Inc. is your vehicle to gain access to Hollywood and New York and the entertainment industry. 
The Hollywood Access, Inc. industry-based acting workshops are intended to provide participants with the opportunity to meet and work with today's top Agents, Casting Directors, Entertainment Managers, Producers and Directors.
Hollywood Access, Inc.'s on-going training programs will prepare you for success in your area of interest whether its acting, modeling or singing, while exposing you to auditions with top Hollywood and New York Agents, Casting Directors, Entertainment Managers, and Producers and Directors.  

This formula for success has led to several of our clients working in the industry.

So, are you ready to get started in the direction of  your dreams?